The album captures the striking arrangements and lavish harmonies of Elizabeth Ward Land’s award-winning concert performances. It’s a loving treatment of deserving material (visiting Ronstadt’s accomplishments in the rock, country, folk, big band and mariachi genres) and the result is one of the most-likely-to-stay-on-repeat discs in my CD player. This isn’t just any homage, it is one great artist celebrating another.

The first aspects of this album that hint at just how satisfying it will be are the instrumental arrangements (by Andrew David Sotomayor) and the vocal arrangements (by Joel Waggoner). The masterful ways the songs are introduced, teased, and luxuriously treated is stunning. She is supported by stellar musicians who allow her interpretative power to guide them. Her heartfelt vocals are the perfect fit for Ronstadt’s songbook. Maybe it’s time for a Broadway show using Ronstadt’s songs as its center. Clearly, there is no one who can capture the meaning, the joy, the pathos, the yearning, and the joy of singing these songs as flawlessly as Elizabeth Ward Land.